New Mobile Text Marketing Service

by Kevin Polley on October 19, 2009

UK marketers are about to benefit from a new easy to use mobile marketing service.

With so much new data being released about the effectiveness of marketing direct to mobile phones, it’s not surprising that savvy business owners are investigating the possibilities.

While the mobile marketing medium is big business in the US and Asia it’s only just starting to become recognised for it’s true value in the UK.

One of the key problems many prospective users of the text to mobile marketplace cite as a reason for delaying inclusion as part of their overall marketing mix, is that the currently available services are complicated to use and understand.

A new service aimed at the thousands of small local businesses across the UK that is very simple to understand (and even simpler to use) is set to go into the first phase of it’s launch sometime near the end of the month.

The initial results and feedback from the beta testing are back and things are looking good we are told.

We would love to tell you more … and we will as soon as a few more details have been finalized.  To be one of the first to know subscribe to our feed today.

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