What is Mobile Marketing?

by Kevin Polley on October 26, 2009

Mobile marketing is not just one thing, think of it more like how a mixture of personal communication channels are combined to provide a trusted enhanced service to existing or potential customers.

Mobile marketing is a term or process which encompasses a variety of technologies and strategies.  These are being used by business and organisations to instantly keep consumers in touch with things or information that interest them.  These could be notifications, special offers, coupons, reminders etc and the list goes on.

Making Sense of the Mobile Landscape” is a white paper written by Bryce Marshall of Knotice.  In it he identifies SMS and MMS, mobile web, apps, moblie advertising, location based proximity services and ‘other’ as a catch all.  Individually or in combination all of these are a part of mobile marketing.

In the overview “Making Sense of Mobile Marketing – Finally“, Josh Gordon sums it up nicely when he says

the paper highlights the realities behind the mobile marketing audience. What demographics are using apps? How prevalent is text messaging in comparison to other mobile activities? What percent of the mobile marketplace uses an iPhone? Bryce has uncovered some surprising information to definitively answer these and many other questions about the mobile audience.

If you have questions for Bryce about the white paper, please post them here and he will respond!

While the statistics in the paper focus on the US marketplace the content is universal and is a great read for anyone considering adoption of the technologies, especially in fledgling markets like the UK.

It need not be expensive.

The good news is that ‘mobile marketing’ isn’t just for the big boys (& ladies) with the big wallets (although it helps).  There is somthing out there that businesses of any type and size can try in order to see how powerful ‘instant marketing’ can be and it’s wider potential.

To help you see some of the advantages here are a few small scale thoughts.  Feel free to tweak them in to your mental concept of what a mobile marketing campaign is or could be at a local level and how you can use it can converge with your existing advertising and marketing campaigns.

Let’s say you send some succulent fresh ground copy by letter or email to some of your customers that essentially says

“text JOIN IWANT to 87xxx”.

Throughout the first day 100 people do because your offer copy hit the mark.  Those 100 people (and everyone else who does thereafter) then recieve an instant text message telling them thankyou and they will get another message about ‘xyz’ soon.

A few days later you send another ‘call to action text message’ to those 100+ people which makes 50 of them rush to your shop or website or do what you’ve asked.  Why?  Because your copy was good, you had a good offer, you sent it to people who trusted you and you had what they wanted.  You had them in the palm of thier own hands.

You can even expand on this strategy by adding proximity marketing with your SMS marketing.  Let’s say a couple of minutes after walking in to your shop, 25 of your customers who got the text message (and anyone else with a bluetooth activated phone) get offered another message.  This one is saying ‘Did you know we are offering a 10% discount on ‘abc’ selected items for today only?’.

How much extra do you think you would make thanks to the introduction of ‘mobile marketing’ into your advertising and promotional mix?

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